Morning Classes - BASE Toddler Program

Morning Classes - BASE Toddler Program:

  • Music & Movement incorporated
  • Early Language & Numbers
  • Pre Writing & Pre Reading
  • Fun learning with Art & Craft
  • Storytelling, Yoga, Rhymes and much more….
Base Stars

Base Stars: Language, Mathematics & Personality Development.

The program covers early numbers & phonetic skills,gradually moving onto word formation, reading & writing. Starting with the basics and moving onto the more complex depending on the current learning of the child.

School curriculum brushed upon to ensure the child is moving in parity with the class they attend in school.

Social graces (Please, thank you; excuse me, good morning, good evening)

Exercises of Practical Life: This covers all the day to day activities which make the child more independent and a confident individual (shoe laces, dressing up, etc.)

Mannerism: covers the day to day behavior of the child, which expands to more complex activities with age. (Eating with a fork & knife, behavior at parties, etc.)


Base Artists

Base Artists:Learning with Art & Craft.

The program covers sketching, coloring, painting & craft work. Each activity is performed in line with a theme to ensure the child learns while they enjoy doing the art work(typical themes followed would be farm animals, means of transport, etc.)

Base Super Stars

Base Super Stars: A six day Combo Pack of Base Stars & Artists makes them the Super Stars. The program ideally includes 3 days of the Base Stars curriculum and 3 days of the Base Artists.

Base Schoolers

Base Schoolers: This is a program where we assist kids with their daily homework, examination preparation, special project work, public speaking events in school. We have noticed tremendous change in performance of children who have been through this program @ Base.

Base Personality Build

Base Personality Build: A strongly recommended program which spans across 40 classes for an hour each. The program covers all aspects of personality development and is applicable for kids in the age group of 3 – 11.

The Program covers the following

  • English Communication Skills
  • Social Etiquettes
  • Table Manners
  • Public Speaking
  • Confidence Building activities
  • Social Awareness
  • General Knowledge
BASE Adults Fitness & Dance Classes

BASE Adults Fitness & Dance Classes:

This is the ultimate dance fitness party for Adults. This dance form is a fun filled form of entertainment as well as exercise. It’s a total-body workout that feels like a celebration

BASE KIDS Dance Classes

BASE KIDS Dance Classes: We offer a fun environment with experienced and exceptional teachers. We help children grow from beginners to advanced dancers.


Learn Karate with a well-known Karate Instructor which provides professional Karate who later participate in various tournament at National and International levels. We aimed at extracting best of practitioner body, mind and soul. Our training program helps them for overall development and perfection.
Timings Mon/Wed/Fri 6 to 7.



Being able to play is a wonderful talent. It makes a child grow smarter and their focuses grow stronger. Come and enjoy learning music at Base Academy, making music is good for the child and the whole family


Playing guitar creates music, it is fun and everyone accepts this. Music soothe the mind and that is what playing guitar certainly helps in enhancing a child with better intellectual capacity. Music lengthen the attention span which enhance a child with discipline and patience.