BASE aims towards development of self-reliance in the individual during the formative years. Our approach focuses on learning Self-help, Perpetual Motor skills, Socialization, Oral & written Communication. Our montessori program focuses on delivering a hands-on experience through sensory stimulation, fine and gross motor skills development, music andmovement, dramatic play, art and craft, and language. We also emphasis on the value of moral and spiritual development.  BASE helps the child to become self dependent for learning and develops attributes of character, forming the basis for learning through:


Sensorial: As cleared by the name Beginners Academy for Sensorial Exploration BASE focuses on developing the child’s five senses. The child works with BASE sensorial material designed to develop and train his/her sense of Taste, Hearing, Sight, Touch and Smell.


Culture: Cultural activities focus on subjects such as history, geography. Children learn about various cultures, their belonging and its significance in the world.


Math’s: Montessori math activities teach the most important concepts through hands-on work, movement and working in a group.


Practical Life: The Practical Life activities are the first activities introduced and allow your child to try and do what adults around him/her are seen to do every day. Some examples of these exercises include pouring, transferring, sorting, personal hygiene such as hand washing and grooming.


Language: Although language is one of the four basic learning areas in a Montessori class, it spans over every other area. Language consists of verbal skills and visual perception.


Personality Development and Mannerism: BASE learning methods not only focus on the child’s intellectual ability, but also on creativity, social skills, independence, self-esteem, problem solving, and self-discipline.