About Us

BASE (Beginners Academy for Sensorial Exploration) is an elementary program for Children which is inspired by Dr. Maria Montessori to nurture the universal values of kindness, compassion, and nonviolence. We are determined to inculcate moral values in the tender minds of the kid’s right from the commencement level so that they can face every challenge in life smoothly.

We operate as Preschool, Day Care and Evening Activity Center where we focus on language, mathematics and personality development. At BASE, we believe in learning as a team, which helps the child develop relationship building skills. Learning life skills is equally important, that’s why we give a platform to children where they should be free to experiment, invent, explore, refine, re-define thoughts, ideas and feelings. BASE is dedicated to a strong learning program that engages students cognitively, physically, and creatively in meaningful learning experiences, while also engaging their emotions as they learn about themselves, their individual learning styles, and how to relate to others.